Laurie Comeau  BSc., B.Ed.

Laurie is a founding partner of Intelligent Organizational Systems, Inc., focusing on change management and data analysis. He has developed a software tool set that is able to consolidate psychometric data for individuals in an organization and use it as the basis of individual career coaching, assessing team dynamics, and understanding organizational culture. 

He has served 15 years as a senior manager in the areas of conventional and radiation safety during his career at NB Power Nuclear.  Under his guidance, NB Power Nuclear achieved a number of safety records for its operation. He led the first CANDU Radiation Protection Benchmarking Project for the CANDU Owners Group in 2011. He served on the Board of Directors of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization during the period when the NWMO formulated the strategic approach for Nuclear Waste Management in Canada for the Federal Government.

Laurie is an experienced facilitator with a Master Coaching certification from Senn-Delaney. As part of his tenure with NB Power, he served as a facilitator with a station-wide culture change initiative that focused on engaging leaders and staff in vision and interpersonal skills (VIPS) workshops. He is one of a limited number of individuals worldwide to certify as a Pathfinder Career System Practitioner.  He is trained in the ADKAR change management process developed by Prosci.

Laurie was a principal designer for the post-refurbishment organization for NP Power Nuclear.  During this experience he was involved in the development of new methodologies and processes of relating the process-based management system to the functional design of the organization.  Integrating the Human System of the organization into the management system and the change management needed for implementation was also part of the project scope.