Creating a Shared Meaning System


Organizational performance depends on the intrinsic motivation of individuals to 'do the right thing'. In this workshop, participants explore the dimensions of team and organizational meanings systems that are needed to mobilize successful performance, as well as beliefs and assumptions that may keep the organization stuck. Using a 5-part model, participants work together to create a vivid description of the thoughts, feelings, intentions  and desired outcomes associated with high performance.


Creating a Top-Level Management Manual 


A management manual provides a top-level overview of what an organization does, how it does it, and who does it. It is not a PR document but a roadmap to the organization's purpose and functions. In this workshop we assist your organiztaion in developing a manual for an integrated process-based management system that includes a framework used to align all processes within the organization.


Creating a Comprehensive Organization Design Basis


IOS uses an organizational capacity-building approach that combines principles and practices from workforce planning, organizational design, and management system design to define ‘fit-for-purpose’ workforce requirements. In this approach, jobs , team, and whole structures are defined in terms of the type and strength of behavioural competencies needed to fulfill their purpose in the organization.  


We provide learning-by-doing workshops that build knowledge, skills and confidence

Creating a Mindful Organization

Mindful leadership unleashes the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations.  Our mindful leadership program connects personal development with your organization's pursuit of making a positive contribution and high performance.  It enhances focus, increases adaptability and resilience, reduces stress responses and improves access to creativity and innovative thinking.  It is anchored in neuroscience, mindfulness practices and emotional intelligence. It is founded in the understanding that when authentic leaders create the clarity of purpose that benefits people and the planet, profits follow.