Does the 'human system' in our organization have the innovation seeking, change receptiveness, and integrating and networking ‘muscles’ needed to survive and thrive in the face of accelerating change?

For Senior Leadership Teams

  • Are critical ties to the external context known and managed?

  • Do we have a clearly articulated basis for workforce design and resourcing, including succession planning?

  • Do we have a readily accessible repository of information and knowledge management that can inform training and development, including management and leadership development?

  • Do we have a framework for vetting improvement efforts?

We help senior leaders resolve issues related to two tough questions

  • Do we have the breadth of behavioural diversity in our ranks to cover all the bases?

  • Are we cultivating the right leadership talent for the workforce of the future?

  • Do we have a flexible and rigorous talent deployment system that keeps up with the pace of work?

  • Are we unleashing the full potential of our workforce?

  • Do our leaders know how to work with behavioral differences and agile principles to create nimble teams?

Is the 'management system' in our organization sufficiently robust to maintain integrity and coherence while we become more agile?

  • Do leaders and staff truly understand how the work of the organization fits together and flows?

  • Are our  organizational functionalities and structures in line with desired organizational outcomes and agility goals?